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Makeup on a Plane: Tips for a Fresh and Flawless Look During Travel

Traveling by plane can be exciting, but it also comes with its share of challenges, especially when it comes to maintaining your makeup look. Long flights, cabin air, and limited space can make it tricky to keep your makeup fresh and flawless. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with valuable tips and tricks to ensure your makeup stays on point while you soar through the skies.

1. Start with Skincare:

Before applying any makeup, ensure your skin is well-prepped. Cleanse your face, apply a lightweight moisturizer, and don’t forget to use a hydrating primer. Hydration is crucial, as the dry cabin air can make your skin feel tight and dehydrated.

2. Opt for Minimal Makeup:

For a comfortable and travel-friendly makeup look, less is often more. Consider a minimalist approach by focusing on essential makeup items like foundation, concealer, mascara, and a lip product. Avoid heavy or elaborate makeup that can smudge and become uncomfortable during a long flight.

3. Use Long-Wear Formulas:

Choose makeup products with long-wear formulas that are less likely to smudge or fade during the flight. Look for keywords like “long-lasting,” “waterproof,” or “smudge-proof” on product labels.

4. Pack Travel-Sized Products:

To save space and comply with airline regulations, opt for travel-sized makeup products or transfer your favorite items into smaller containers. Travel-sized makeup brushes and tools can also come in handy.

5. Skip Heavy Powders:

Powder makeup products like setting powder or blush can become messy and cakey during a flight. Instead, use cream or liquid products that blend seamlessly into your skin.

6. Stay Hydrated:

Drink plenty of water during your flight to keep your skin hydrated from within. Hydrated skin provides a better canvas for makeup and prevents it from looking dull or patchy.

7. Avoid Touching Your Face:

Try to resist the urge to touch your face during the flight. The oils and germs on your hands can transfer to your makeup, potentially causing breakouts or smudging.

8. Bring Makeup Wipes:

Pack makeup wipes in your carry-on bag for quick touch-ups or makeup removal if needed. Look for makeup wipes that are gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.

9. Refresh with a Mist:

A hydrating facial mist or setting spray can refresh your makeup and provide a boost of moisture during the flight. Spray it lightly over your face to revive your look.

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10. Embrace a Minimalist Skincare Routine:

Keep your skincare routine simple during the flight. Consider using a sheet mask or a hydrating serum to maintain skin moisture without the need for extensive skincare products.

11. Time Your Touch-Ups:

If your flight is relatively long, plan to do light touch-ups before landing. This will help you step off the plane looking refreshed and put together.

12. Be Considerate of Others:

Remember that you’re in close quarters with other passengers, so be mindful of strong scents or products that may cause allergies or discomfort to fellow travelers.


Traveling by plane doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your makeup. With the right products, techniques, and a minimalist approach, you can achieve a fresh and flawless look that withstands the challenges of air travel. Follow these tips, and you’ll be ready to step off the plane looking and feeling your best, whether you’re heading to a business meeting or a vacation destination.

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