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Types of Outdoors advertising

outdoors advertising

Outdoor advertising and your dilemmas:

Are you a business owner who is confused about deciding between running social media advertisements and outdoor advertising?

Are you wondering whether outdoor advertising still brings customers to your business?

Well, this blog will enlighten you about outdoors advertising and the impactful methods that will bring leads to your business.

In short, Outdoors advertising is a type of advertising which reaches consumers when they are outside of their home.

A survey shows that 39% of people visit a store after noticing outdoors advertisements. This shows that outdoor advertisements play a crucial role in sending the consumer from the awareness to the consideration stage.

Your ideal types of Outdoors Advertising:

When it comes to outdoors advertising, there are a lot of options left to you to decide. It is in your hands to select the suitable outdoor advertising type which will be budget-friendly and most effective for your business type.

In this blog we will give you a brief about the top 3 most impactful outdoors advertising types:

Last update was on: January 9, 2023 6:53 am


Billboards are large boards placed in the public or outdoors, Apart from other types of outdoors advertising, billboards have the highest reach among consumers. Billboards are the perfect tool to captivate customers to the top of your sales funnels.

Transit Advertising:

It is one of the types of outdoors advertising which is illustrated on any mode of transport. This includes advertising on buses, subways, bus stations, trains, etc. In comparison with other types of outdoors advertisement, transit advertising appears to be a cost-effective one.

Point of sale:

Point of sale advertising is a strategy to seize the attention of the consumer and influence them to make an impulse decision of purchasing the displayed product. This type of advertising is mostly embraced by retailers and restaurants.

To conclude,

Even though advertising is now becoming more digital & narrowed down to target consumers, outdoor advertising remains one of the most effective and impactful ways to attract a vast group of consumers.

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