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Top video games in India

video games in india

Video games in India are quite interesting.

Have you ever gotten bored of easily solvable short video games?


You’re someone who just started playing video games and would like to play some action-based video game series? Here are the top video games in India.

We got you! In this blog, we will briefly discuss the top 3 video games in India which are fascinating and popular to all generation video game lovers.

In terms of records, Limelight’s state of online gaming report reveals that Indian gamers spend over 8 hours 36 minutes playing video games every week on average. Let’s make the time you spend on your games worth it!

Top 3 video games in India:

God of war

With a record of selling 19.5 million copies all over the world, god of war remains one of the best video games. Including 17 chapters driven from greek mythology’s god & goddesses with a strong narrative, god of war stands tall in the popular video games list.

Platforms: Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows.

Assassin’s Creed:

Generating approximately 155 million lifetime unit sales, Assassin’s Creed tops the gaming franchises list. This game illustrates the thousand years old fights between Assassin brotherhood and templar order. With this strongly built storyline, this game does also have an emotional connection with the player. Captivating players with an amazing soundtrack, Assassin’s Creed has 12 solid main games.

Platforms: Playstation, Xbox, PC

Call of duty:

Industry tracking firm, the NDP group revealed Call of duty secures first place on the best-selling video games of 2021 in the US. Carrying a couple of awards and records, Call of Duty is packed with incredible graphics with realistic gameplay by providing various inventory and armory options. With a total of 19 main series of games, Call of Duty is being played worldwide.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Android, and ios

All the above-mentioned video games are widely famous and enjoyed by players all over the world. These games always secure a separate place in the list of video games in India. So, do play them and gain some good gaming experience.

Last update was on: January 9, 2023 6:53 am

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