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Top collection of Shoes to Wear with kurta and jeans

Top collection of Shoes to Wear with kurta and jeans

To your shock, there are arrays of shoes to wear with a kurta and jeans on your special occasions. We are used to being in a state of confusion while choosing outfits, accessories and apparel for any special occasions that’s happening. We either turn out to be a familiar person of the eve or else a critic.

Being presentable at a wedding or any other occasion is very important, as the gatherings are large. To help with such mix and match outfit ideas we have worked on a great list of shoes to wear with a kurta.

Here you go!

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1. Loafers

Although loafers are not for typical Indian attire, we can alter the assumption and make it work better. Loafers are meant to be worn for close-ended pants so that the entire look will match.

To pair loafers with your pyjamas, you will have to choose a straight cut pyjama that has a close end.

2. Ethnic sandals

Every time you opt for traditional outfits for an occasion, make sure you have a few pairs of ethnic sandals in your wardrobe.

When I say ethnic sandals, I don’t mean the open kind of chappals. The entire sandals should be designed in a way that closes the entire toes.

3. Kolhapuri chappals

Kolhapuri chappals? How do they look?

These Kolhapuri chappals have a T-strap near the thumb finger in the toes. These chappals are made out of high-quality leather with some unique dyes printed on them. You can pair Kolhapuri chappals with any type of pyjamas for your special occasions.

4. Mojri

Mojri is famous footwear that you used to see everyone wearing at a wedding including the groom. It has a rolled-up design near the toes that gives an ultimate ethnic look and this can be paired with any kind of pyjamas in your wardrobe. Make sure you make the right choices in choosing colors
But what shoes to wear with jeans?

Wrapping up with a kurta edition, let’s dive into jeans.

Some don’t prefer ethnic wear for weddings, but coming up with a fusion outfit That’s Outodbox. In such cases, jeans are largely used for Fusion and there comes to a question “what shoes to wear with jeans.

Kind of shoes to wear with jeans:

Derby shoes
Oxford shoes
Boat shoes

These listed shoes are highly suggested to match all your special outfits for your special occasions.

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